Strip & Seal Service

Do you have vinyl, linoleum or laminate flooring in your home or workplace? You may not know that the protective surface layer of your flooring needs replacing. Our Strip & Seal service is simple and cost effective.

Vinyl, linoleum and laminate flooring is very popular in both residential and commercial applications due to its tough and durable finish. Many people are not aware that over time, the protective sealant layer applied to this type of flooring can begin to degrade, and will require replacing to preserve the integrity of the flooring below. You may notice that your flooring begins to dull, and patches of wear or scratching start to emerge.

These areas of degradation can leave your flooring vulnerable to water damage and lifting, as well as harboring dirt and bacteria. If you think your flooring may need re-sealing, Myer Carpet Cleaning’s strip and seal service can re-seal and restore vinyl, linoleum and laminate flooring to pristine condition with minimal downtime.

Our strip and seal process

Your experienced strip and seal technician will begin by removing the old sealer from the floor by applying a stripper to the floor area, allowing it to penetrate the existing sealant. The floor is then scrubbed with a rotary stripping pad to remove the old sealant layer. Any residual sealant is removed using a steam-cleaning machine to leave the flooring surface clean and ready for re-sealing. Two coats of high performance sealant, designed to be non-slip and hard wearing, is then applied. Finally, high-powered fans are used to facilitate quick drying before the floor is polished to a mirror finish.

The finished product

Following Myer Carpet Cleaning’s strip and re-seal process, your flooring will look brand new. Not only will it look shiny and smooth, the new surface will be tough and resistant to scratches and marks.

Don’t be daunted by the idea of stripping and re-sealing your vinyl, linoleum or laminate flooring. Myer Carpet Cleaning’s team of experience professionals will have you and your family enjoying spotless, hardwearing flooring in record time, and for less than you think!

Strip & Seal Pricing

Type Of Service Price
Commercial Carpet Cleaning $3.30 per square meter (Quotes available)

*We trust the input information, But the final price is subject to inspection on the appointment day

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