There is no doubt about the multiple benefits of carpet cleaning; dust, pet or human hair, and pollution accumulating on the surface which creates a bad environment for your loved ones, carpet cleaning gets rid of allergens and other particles that could trigger an allergic reaction in your household, while also removing stains and helping your home look and feel clean and fresh.

Considering all the benefits that come with carpet cleaning it seems like you could do it every day with no consequences right? Well, cleaning your carpet too much could be shortening the life of your carpets…but how do you know if you are cleaning your carpet too much?

This article will help you know how often to clean the carpets and signs that you are cleaning it too much.

How Often Should You Clean The Carpets?

There are several factors you should keep into consideration regarding carpet cleaning frequency.

When it comes to vacuuming, consider doing it at least once a week if there is light foot traffic in your household, or twice a week if there is high foot traffic.

However, if you have pets or children at home you should consider doing it daily or at least twice a week at a minimum.

When it comes to getting the carpet professionally cleaned, we recommend that you do it at least once a year if there is light foot traffic.

However, there are many situations in which you may require to clean them more frequently. You can speak to our team for advice about carpet cleaning for your household.

Family Members with Allergies or chronic diseases such as Asthma

One of the biggest consequences of not cleaning your carpet comes with the build-up of allergens such as pet hair or particles that will become airborne once a person walks through it.

Maybe if you don’t have allergies it won’t affect you as much as it would a person with asthma or allergies.

In those cases, depending on the severity of allergies, you may need to vacuum your carpets daily and get them professionally cleaned 2 or 3 times per year.

You will be able to monitor allergy symptoms in conjunction with your carpet cleaning routine to determine the best outcome.

The Color of the Carpet Matters

Light color carpets look elegant and brighten every room but they are also more prone to show dust particles and stains are harder to remove.

However, it will become easier to detect when they are dirty. Experts recommend that you get them professionally cleaned twice a year, not considering other household factors.

Avoid Warranty Issues

Some warranties request that you clean your carpet at least once a year and save the receipts in case you experience any warranty issues.

Check your carpet warranty and ensure you stick to their carpet cleaning recommendations as a minimum.

Pets in the House

Even if you have a pet breed that doesn’t shed a lot, pet hair is a common thing that you will find on your carpet.

Not to mention that even well-trained pets can urinate, poop, or vomit on the carpets, leading to stains and unpleasant odors.

We recommend vacuuming high traffic areas every day or two if you have pets in the house, and vacuum the entire house at least once per week.

Get the carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year if you have pets in the home.

You Have Kids

Kids love to play and get dirty and that’s fine except for your carpet which is going to get dirty more easily.

Kids also love to play on the carpet which means that you should keep it clean for their sake as well.

Vacuum carpets weekly and spot clean any stains or food crumbs daily. Get the carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.

Are You Overcleaning your Carpets? Reasons why you may not need to clean them as frequently

After reading our section above, you should already know if you are cleaning your carpets on the proper frequency or if you are overcleaning them and if you are still unsure as to why you shouldn’t clean them more than necessary here are some reasons:

It Wears Down The Carpet

A carpet is quite an investment so it is in your best interest that it lasts as long as possible.

While cleaning it properly has proven to increase life expectancy, doing it too often can cause the exact opposite, wearing it down by loosening the fibers and make it easier for it to get dirty or get stains.

No Difference If Carpets Are Already Clean

Cleaning your carpet when it is needed means that you will feel like you have a fresher and more aesthetically pleasing home, you notice the difference right away.

But when you clean it too often you are actually just wasting your time because the carpet will look and feel the same after the work is done.

Sometimes Spot Cleaning is Enough

If there is a stain or a particular carpet area that needs to get cleaned, but you recently had your carpets professionally cleaned then you should consider spot cleaning.

This is a quicker and more affordable solution that will restore your carpet to its original condition without having to get the entire area cleaned again.

Recognise an Overwet Carpet and prevent it

One of the biggest issues of overcleaning your carpet is that moisture sets in the fibers which attracts mold and triggers allergies.

The first step to preventing it is to follow our advice on the frequency in which you should get the carpets cleaned.

Make sure the carpet fully dries before anyone starts walking through it. Be consistent with the vacuuming so it doesn’t become necessary to clean it more often.

How do you know that you have an overwet carpet?

The signs are clear: after 6 or 7 hours of cleaning the carpet it is still damp, the carpet turns grey and green in some spots, you notice a musty smell that is quite specific to damp things and you notice your family members with allergies are way more sensitive when around the carpet.

Let Us Help You With Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Myer Carpet Cleaning is a company based in Melbourne, Australia, who are ready to assist you with creating a carpet cleaning schedule that works according to your needs.

If you have any questions about how often you should clean your carpets and have them professionally cleaned, please get in touch with our friendly team, we will be happy to help.