Rug Repairs in Melbourne

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Rug Repairs in Melbourne

Bring your rugs to life again with our rug repair service. Available for rips and tears on all types of machine made and hand made rugs.

Finding the perfect rug for a room is no easy job. With an array of sizes, styles, colours and patterns, most rugs are unique. With years of use you may find that your rug has developed rips and tears, signs of a well loved area in your home.

When you start to notice rips and tears in your rug, you don’t need to replace it! Give us a call at Myer Carpet Cleaning and we can have your rug repaired for you.

With a professionally repaired rug and a professional steam cleaning, your rug will feel like new again.

Give us a call to have a friendly chat about how we can help with a rug repair service.

From time-to-time rugs will get stains and tears, but with our rug repairs in Melbourne it is easy to repair the damage. We can stitch ripped or torn edges, replace a panel of carpeting, and clean any types of dirt or stains that are on your rug.

Rugs are an investment and can often be an heirloom. If your rug is showing signs of wear, it’s best to have it repaired to preserve its beauty.

There are many types of rugs that can be repaired from all different materials and we do repairs for rips and tears in all types of machine made and hand made rugs.

If you don’t want to take the time or hassle to get a new rug, then give us a call for quality rug repair services in Melbourne.

Our team is skilled in all types of repairs from the most delicate needlepoint to heavy shaggy rugs.

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