Mattress Cleaning

Everyone appreciates a clean bed, but how much attention do you pay towards keeping your mattresses clean? It may seem like common sense. However, few people actually spend the time to check to see how old their mattresses are. Depending on how long you've been using the same mattress, yours could be well overdue for a professional cleaning service.

Nobody wants to sleep in a bed where bugs and pests linger. That should be a given, but the truth is not many people may be aware of whether their mattresses are in fact clear of these.

Do you ever notice waking up or going to be sneezing all the time? What about having a frequently irritable sinuses? If you experience these types of issues every time you are around your bedroom – then your mattress could be the problem.

There are all sorts of particulate matter involved when it comes to cleaning out a dirty mattress. Dirt and dust are just some of the irritants that can disturb your wellbeing. A Myer Carpet Cleaning business with a complete carpet cleaning service that will provide you with a mattress cleaning solution that can resolve this.

Myer Carpet Cleaning is definitely among recommended carpet cleaners who are able to help you with a thorough mattress cleaning solution. Because your mattress can easily become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, you will need a professional carpet cleaning service that can help you ensure you'll get a good night's rest.

Allergens such as these can trigger respiratory illnesses like allergies and asthma. If you believe that your mattress could be due for a proper cleaning, Myer Carpet Cleaning can help.

A clean mattress means a good night’s sleep

At Myer Carpet Cleaning, we understand how particulate matter and allergens can gather in fabrics. Being a professional carpet cleaning business, we have always applied this understanding whenever we help our clients with professional carpet cleaning services.

We use Australian-made upholstery cleaning products to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in your living spaces. Our cleaning technicians frequently use this technology, whether for carpet steam cleaning, or to ensure the cleanliness of curtains or upholstery. Similarly, this same technology can be used to make sure your mattresses stay free of irritants and allergens.

Our cleaning technicians employ professional cleaning solutions designed to restore your mattresses. This means that you’ll get your mattress returned to its original freshness, ensuring a good night’s rest.

Our experienced cleaning technicians can help ensure your mattresses stay clean through the following process:

  • A non-toxic cleaning solution is first applied to rid your mattress of dust mites and bacteria
  • Stain removers are then used on stubborn stains and soiled areas
  • Steam cleaning commences, using Australian made equipment
  • The steam penetrates mattress fibres to reach any hidden nasties, and all moisture is drawn out along with any contaminants
  • Your mattress is finally cleaned and deodorised.


We can also provide fabric protection to prevent any further soiling or staining. This additional step can prolong the freshness of your mattress. Dead skin and perspiration can build up in your mattress fibres over time, staining or soiling its fibres. For an optimal level of maintenance, we recommend for your mattress to be cleaned professionally every six months.

Mattress Cleaning Price


Mattress Size Price
Single $80 per mattress
Double $99 per mattress
Queen $110 per mattress
King $130 per mattress


*We trust the input information, But the final price is subject to inspection on the appointment day

*Minimum $120 call out

A Couple Of Reasons For a Professional Mattress Clean

Flea Infestations

Bed Bug Infestations

Our Mattress Cleaning Teams Are Always Ready to Assist

It is always worth the time and effort to get your mattresses and living spaces cleaned. To find that fresh touch for your mattress, get in touch with Myer Carpet Cleaning today. Our technicians are servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane daily.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and our friendly technicians are always ready to help. Get in touch with us today at 1300 134 469, or complete our contact form so we can get back to you right away.

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