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If you haven’t had your carpet cleaned recently, and are looking for the best local carpet cleaning in Perth, Myer Carpet Cleaning can help you out.

Unfortunately, many homeowners put off giving their carpets a good clean as long as they possibly can.

Now that’s a problem.

Cleaning your carpets isn’t just to make them sparkling clean it also helps to eliminate harmful pollutants such as mould, dander and bacteria that are being exposed to your family.


Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth. Providing Professional, Quality, Efficient Steam Cleaning Services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth Australia

Importance Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Unlike your clothing, you cannot wash your carpet in a washing machine, but it still gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. While regular vacuuming can help remove dirt and debris it isn’t enough to keep it spotless and germ-free. 

Professional carpet cleaning in Perth can get you the results that you are looking for. It is able to provide a deeper cleaning while removing unwanted particles and bacteria.

Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning In Perth

There are many benefits that steam cleaning brings to the table other than giving you a beautiful soft carpet. Here are some key benefits and advantages you will receive.


It's non-toxic and good for the environment

Steam cleaning minimises the use of harmful chemicals that can be devastating to the environment. We only use 100% non-toxic cleaning products, providing you with carpet cleaning services in Perth that will not contaminate your indoor air quality and will keep your kids, family and pets safe from harmful chemicals.

It's a natural deodoriser

Bacteria that are growing in your carpet is what produces the unpleasant odours that you may be smelling. Since steam cleaning is able to kill bacteria it will also get rid of the odours and naturally deodorise your home.

It kills pests

You don’t need to use harmful chemicals and pesticides in your home to kill bugs. Steam cleaning can do it for you and it can do it safely. You can utilise this cleaning method to kill dust mites, bed bugs and fleas. And like other methods, steam cleaning destroys flea eggs.

It's a natural alternative

When steam cleaning is done properly it can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Having carpet cleaning Perth performed is an easy way to help prevent illnesses and respiratory issues in your home. Steam cleaning kills mould too. And since the process leaves very little moisture in your carpet, you do not need to worry about mildew.

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices In Perth

Below is a list of our standard carpet cleaning Perth services. The final price is subject to inspection on the appointment day. Minimum $120 call out.

Type of Service Price
Standard Room (up to 14 sqm) $35 / room
Lounge Room $70 / room
Standard Hall $35 / hall
Small Hall / Entrance Hall $25 / hall
Landing $35 / landing
Small Landing $25 / landing
Stairs $4 / step
Bedroom $120 min 3 rooms

Carpet Protection Services

StainGuard For Carpets

Keep your freshly cleaned carpet looking spotless for longer with our StainGuard carpet protection for only $5.50 per square meter. This non-toxic treatment is a protective coating applied to the carpet fibres, repelling spills and preventing stains by stopping liquids from absorbing into the carpet.

Carpet Sanitising

Carpet cleaning removes a lot of the germs and dirt from your carpet, but not all of them. Properly sanitising your carpet requires an approved disinfectant, applied properly by a professional to eliminate allergens and bacteria. Protect your family by choosing our carpet sanitising option, at only $11 per room and stop harmful bacteria in its tracks.

Best Carpet Stain Removal

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods for cleaning your carpet as well as removing unsightly stains and killing germs. There are other methods of removing stains, but if they are not done correctly they can make the stains worse and set them in so that they are even harder to remove.

Myer carpet cleaning is able to take into consideration the type of carpet that you have and identify the best way to remove any stubborn stains without damaging your carpet.

Best Carpet Stain Removal Perth. Providing Professional, Quality, Efficient Steam Cleaning Services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth Australia

Steam Cleaning Can Be Performed On Many Surfaces

The process of steam cleaning is fairly simple. Water is heated until it is boiling and the water vapours are forced out of the nozzle as pressurised steam. This steam is forced into the carpet and it is so powerful that it is able to kill dust mites, mould, staph, and other harmful bacteria while loosening dirt and removing stains.

Steam cleaning isn’t just for regular carpet care. We also offer the following steam cleaningservices for your home or office:

Tips To Maintain Your Carpet

When it comes to maintaining your carpet there is more to it than just running the vacuum once in a while. Keeping your carpet clean and fresh involves understanding and care. Here are some tips to help maintain your carpet.

Steam cleaning isn’t just for regular carpet care. We also offer the following steam cleaningservices for your home or office:

Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming should be performed daily. This helps to remove loose dirt and particles before they can get embedded in the fibres of your carpet. Once dirt and debris are in the carpet they can cause damage.

Clean up Messes Immediately

Don’t leave a spill or spot sit. Clean it up right away. This will reduce the rate of absorption. Blot the area with a clean white towel and remove as much of the contaminant as possible. Apply pressure, but do not rub back and forth on the carpet as this can cause damage to the fibres.

Avoid Unnecessary Cleaning Products

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to remove stains, but only mask them or make them worse. Do your research before using any of these over the counter products. And if you have any doubt about removing the stain hire a professional carpet cleaning Perth company who knows how to do it the right way.

Use Rugs

By using throw rugs and decorative rugs in high traffic areas you are helping to protect the carpet underneath.

Invest in a Doormat

Doormats might seem like an old-fashioned idea, but they serve a really important purpose. They are able to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked into the home. The more dirt and debris that is left outside will help extend the lifespan of your carpet.

How Our Steam Cleaning Can Help You

Buying new carpet can be a big investment and isn’t always the right answer. By having professional carpet cleaning Perth services performed, you can put off buying that new carpet and you will also gain numerous benefits that regular vacuuming doesn’t offer.

At Myer Carpet Cleaning services we are dedicated to giving you squeaky clean carpets while keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals.

Our highly trained and fully licensed technicians know how to clean your carpets professionally while restoring them so that look and feel brand-new. They will take into consideration all of your carpet’s specific needs and develop a unique carpet cleaning Perth plan that will give you the results that you are looking for.

Carpet Steam Cleaning can Help You Perth. Providing Professional, Quality, Efficient Steam Cleaning Services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth Australia

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At Myer Carpet Cleaning, we only use Australian made cleaning equipment and 100% non-toxic carpet cleaning Perth products. You can depend on us to treat you right and provide you with exceptional service.

We service the Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney areas. We can clean your carpets and make them look brand-new.

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By hiring Myer Carpet Cleaning for your carpet cleaning Perth you will be getting the best carpet cleaning service around.

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