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Are your rugs or floor mats looking tired and worn? At Myer Carpet Cleaning, we provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services. This includes rug steam cleaning solutions that can help to restore your favourite mats and rugs to their former brilliance.

Rugs and Floor mats can really tie any room together, no matter your preferred style of interior decoration. They are a welcome addition to any living or work environment, even if you already have carpeted floors. The next time you find yourself searching for a professional carpet cleaning service, be sure to find one that provides a complete carpet cleaning package that can keep your Rugs and Floor mats as clean as your carpets.

A good rug or decorative floor mat can be a valuable addition to any interior space, and complement a variety of styles whether for a home or an office. Being a leading professional carpet cleaning business, here's a little tip about rugs and floor mats that we often share with our clients.

When placed in a high foot traffic area, a good rug or floor mat can even help to reduce the amount of wear and tear that your carpets may otherwise experience over time. You'll be keeping your carpeted areas cleaner for longer, but with a reliable carpet and house cleaning service, you'll also be able to keep your protective rugs and floor mats looking great.

The next time you search for a professional carpet cleaning service, be sure to find a professional carpet cleaning business that can help with your rugs and floor mats. However, be sure to find a recommended carpet cleaner with the right steam cleaning technology. This is especially important if you have a treasured heirloom rug that you'd like to preserve.

At Myer Carpet Cleaning, we offer a complete carpet cleaning process that can restore the brightness and softness to any specific kind of rug or floor mat. If there's one thing we know about valuable rugs, it's that no two of them are ever the same. With this understanding in mind, our professional carpet cleaning technicians at Myer Carpet Cleaning will always pay heed to individually assess our clients' rugs and floor mats before starting any home or office carpet cleaning services.

Quality Steam Rug Cleaning Services to Preserve any Rug or Mat

We understand how much you love and treasure your heirloom rugs and floor mats. However, the more important fact is that we also understand how even the most prized rugs and floor mats will get old and worn with time. While this is part and parcel of life, what could help is finding a professional carpet cleaning business that can offer care for your rug and floor mats as part of a complete carpet cleaning solution.

With Myer Carpet Cleaning, you will only be a step away from the maintenance of your favourite woven fabrics and tapestries. Our team of experienced carpet cleaning technicians is always ready to provide professional help for the professional rug cleaning Melbourne and Australian clients seek. We handle case-by-case assessments of your rug or mat, and can devise tailored cleaning solutions that preserve your treasured tapestries.

As part of their effort to offer the best carpet cleaning service, our technicians will first consider whether or not a rug is hand or machine woven, and what dyes or colorants were used to preserve and maintain its unique properties. Our carpet cleaning technicians are as friendly as they are experienced, and dedicated towards providing our clients with carpet and house cleaning services of the highest quality and value for money.

Myer Carpet Cleaning is Always Ready to Assist

Take the time to find a recommended carpet cleaner who can restore your favourite rug or floor mat to brand new. It will be worth your effort to find that clean, fresh touch to guarantee deep removal of dirt and dust from your rugs and floor mats.

For a professional carpet cleaning company that can deliver the benefits of carpet cleaning to your prized heirloom rugs or mats, get in touch with Myer Carpet Cleaning today.

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Mat & Rug Cleaning Prices


Type Of Service Price
Rugs $14 per square metre
Mats $5 per square metre


*We trust the input information, But the final price is subject to inspection on the appointment day

*Minimum $120 call out

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