Carpet Steam Cleaning

Whether you’re looking to get some professional carpet cleaning done for your home or workspace, it could take a bit of time and work. Most people tend to assume that all it takes to clean a carpet is a good vacuum cleaner, and some free time over the weekend.

However, what most of our customers don’t know is that it takes just a little bit more technology than just what your average carpet cleaning companies offer to really get your carpet thoroughly cleaned.

At Myer Carpet Cleaning, we know a carpet is only considered clean when we’re able to get right down to the roots of its fibres. Why is this important? Beyond keeping your carpet looking clean, it’s just as important to make sure that a carpet cleaning service can make sure there’s no dirt, dust or other allergen-causing particulates lingering within the base layer of a carpet’s fibres. Usual household vacuuming can always be done to keep surface level dirt out of your carpet surfaces.

But how about those high-traffic areas, like the spot of carpet by the front door of your home, or the reception areas of an office lobby? Areas like these are exactly where a complete carpet cleaning solution is best applied. We find the most dirt and dust trapped in such areas of carpet – even if they have been vacuumed regularly.

Book a service in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane. Fast, effiecient, professional, deep carpet steam cleaning.

Myer Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Regularly vacuuming your carpets is one thing. Getting a complete carpet cleaning service that guarantees hygiene above clean surfaces is another. Get your carpeted spaces professionally steam cleaned with our team of technicians at Myer Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne today.

We are the recommended carpet steam cleaners that can guarantee a complete carpet cleaning service that goes beneath the surface. Finding a professional carpet cleaning business that can keep your carpet professionally steam cleaned will greatly influence the quality of air within your home or office environment

After all, what's the point of clean surfaces if they only send more dust into your living or work environment?

Myer Carpet Cleaning is Always Ready to Assist

Few things will feel better than having a clean and soft carpet underfoot. For that clean, fresh feeling that guarantees the deep removal of dirt and dust from your carpet, get in touch with Myer Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne today.

Whether you require help with water damage carpet cleaning or for more complicated scenarios, we offer complete carpet cleaning as well as corporate carpet cleaning services. We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and our friendly technicians are always ready to help with your requests.

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Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process


A pre-spray is applied to soften the surface tension of the carpet. This allows the hot water to penetrate the fibres more effectively, allowing for a deeper clean.

Steam Clean

The final step is performed by our powerful steam cleaner, which works by forcing hot water into the carpet using a high-pressure jet spray. It then uses powerful suction to vacuum the water (and the dirt) out.

Spot Treatment

The carpet is then spot-treated to remove any stains and marks with a non-toxic cleaning agent, and the elbow grease of our friendly and experienced technicians!

Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices


Type Of Service Price
Standard Room (up to 14 sqm) $35 per room
Lounge Room $70 per room
Standard Hall $35 per hall
Small Hall / Entrance Hall $25 per hall
Landing $35 per landing
Small Landing $25 per landing
Stairs $4 per step
Bedroom $120 min 3 rooms


*We trust the input information, But the final price is subject to inspection on the appointment day

* Minimum call out fee $120

Type Of Service Price
Stainguard On Carpet $5.50 per square meter
Sanitizing On Carpet $11 per room

Carpet Add On Services

StainGuard For Carpets

Keep your freshly cleaned carpet looking spotless for longer with our StainGuard carpet protection for only $5.50 per square meter. This non-toxic treatment is a protective coating applied to the carpet fibres, repelling spills and preventing stains by stopping liquids from absorbing into the carpet.

Carpet Sanitizing

Carpet cleaning removes a lot of the germs and dirt from your carpet, but not all of them. Properly sanitising your carpet requires an approved disinfectant, applied properly by a professional to eliminate allergens and bacteria. Protect your family by choosing our carpet sanitising option, at only $11 per room and stop harmful bacteria in its tracks.

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