Carpets add a luxurious, cosy, and warm feel to any interior space, room, and home, and also add comfort and elegance to your lifestyle.

You can choose the most appropriate carpet material following your budget and preferences if you are aware of the carpet’s aspects including fibre material, pile type, pile height, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and grades.

The below-given guide will help you make the best carpet choice for your home.

Best Carpet Choice for your home

Distinct Carpet Fiber Materials and Their Durability

Carpets are manufactured using natural as well as artificial fibres nowadays. The different fibres have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the most popular carpet fibre choices:

Nylon Carpet:

Nylon is one of the most common fabrics used for manufacturing carpets. Synthetic/artificial fibre is durable, attractive, and affordable. As it can resist the growth of mildew and mould, it can be easily used in family rooms. The nylon fabric may not fade even over the longest periods and resist stains as well. However, the fabric may be a cause of static. To overcome static electricity, you may ask for carpet treatment before its installation. Ensure that you choose better-grade nylon (for instance 6.6 or above) for better static resistance and ease of cleaning.

Polyester Carpet:

Polyester costs less than nylon but has lesser resilience when compared to the latter as well. However, it still has good durability and wearability and can resist stains and moisture. Polyester can be softer than nylon as well. If you are looking for a sustainable material for your carpet, note that polyester can be recycled easily.

Cotton Carpet:

The natural fibres of cotton are known for their ultra-softness and pleasing aesthetics. However, it is costlier when compared to most other carpet materials. Cotton carpets may not provide enough resistance to stains and their maintenance may also be costly. The cotton fabric fades over a period and requires more maintenance. Cotton carpets can be good for adults but not where you find lots of pet/kid action.

Wool Carpet:

Wool carpets are strong and long-lasting and have adequate resistance to stains. However, you may require cleaning of woollen carpets more often when compared to synthetic fabric carpets. Do not install a wool carpet in a room that gets lots of sunlight as its colour may fade due to it. Woollen carpets are more expensive when compared to carpets made from natural fibres.

Triexta Carpet:

The soft carpet fabric Triexta is a synthetically derived fibre recently introduced. Approximately 40% of it consists of corn materials. It is a renewable and sustainable material that can resist mess and is durable.

Polypropylene / Olefin Carpet:

The fibre for carpets is manufactured using plastic and can resist moisture and water easily. It also does not fade in sunlight due to its chemical treatment. On the other side, Olefin is prone to scratches and friction

Carpet Pile Types

A carpet is composed of a “carpet backing” and the “carpet fibres”. The combination is also referred to as “carpet piles”.

For instance, a room with higher traffic and footfall may need a different carpet pile when compared to a room where carpeting is done primarily for providing comfort.

Different types of carpet piles can be created using the different textures, heights, and cuts of carpet fibres and packing material. There are predominantly three types of carpet piles.

Cut Pile:

The pile can provide for soft carpets where the yarn is twisted to form tuffs. The plush carpets have evenly laid and shortcut piles, while the Saxony carpets have longer fibres. The Freize cut piles are dense with the thickest and longest fibres.

Cut Pile Carpet

Loop Pile:

Instead of tuffs, the loop piles consist of fibre loops. Here the carpet fibre is connected to the carpet backing twice. Such carpet piles can be maintained easily and are more durable. Berber carpets (with loop piles) can be easily found in rooms and areas with high traffic.

Loop Pile Carpet

Cut and Loop Piles:

These carpet piles have a hybrid structure and include both loop and cut fibres. The new patterned carpets (and other carpets with contemporary looks) consist of cut and loop hybrid piles.

Carpet Pile Height

The above-stated distant type of carpet pile structures may also possess different heights.

  • Low piles: Carpets with short fibres are called “low pile carpets”. Such carpets can be maintained easily.
  • High piles: These carpets can provide the best comfort but are the most difficult to maintain and clean. They also resist wearing conditions better.
  • Medium piles: These carpets offer optimum comfort and durability.

Carpet Quality Grade

The grade of a carpet reflects its durability, quality, and lifespan. However, it is a subjective rating as there is no standard system present.

For instance, the carpets rated as “low grade” do not last long and can be found in rental spaces and properties. The carpets cost less, are lightweight, and may last up to 5 years.

On the other hand, the “medium grade” carpets can last up to 12 years and are heavier, but also cost more than the low-grade carpets.

The best of the lot is the “high-grade” carpets that may easily last for 20 years or more. They are manufactured using quality fibres (such as wool) but cause more when compared to medium great carpets.

Look and Feel of the Carpet

Some people may value the aesthetics, look, and feel of the carpet more when compared to other aspects such as ease of maintenance, durability, and affordability.

For instance, a textured carpet can improve the look of the interiors by blending well with the existing furniture.

Textile carpets can also hide soil and dirt easily.

When you want to hide stains, spills, and dirt, you may prefer darker colours.

However, if you want the interior space to appear larger than it is, you may prefer choosing lighter colours.

Fortunately, all kinds of carpet fibres and materials are available in assorted colours, patterns, designs, and textures, so that you can make the best choice.

Carpet Choice

Ease of Care, Cleaning and Maintenance for the Carpet

Some carpet fibres and types can be more durable and easier to clean and maintain when compared to others. Here are some popular carpet types and their general maintenance levels.

Blended Carpet:

The blended carbon carpet fabric is made using Nylon and Olefin and can resist stains and other adverse conditions.

Nylon Carpet:

It is one of the most durable artificial fabrics that can resist abrasion, mould, mildew, insects, and even certain chemicals.

Propylene/Olefin Carpet:

The carpet fabric is second only to nylon when it comes to durability and resistance. It resists moisture, abrasion, and is colourfast. Olefin carpets can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Wool Carpet:

The natural fabric possesses natural luxe and strength. Although it comes with a higher price tag, it can hide abrasions and is easily cleaned and maintained, whilst also being comfortable and warm.

Cotton Carpet:

Organic and natural fibre cotton cannot resist stains very well. While it can be easy to clean, it is not as easy to maintain over a prolonged period.

Triexta Carpet:

The fabric can be maintained easily and remains soft. However, you may not be able to vacuum the Triexta carpets easily as they consist of fine fibres.

Polyester Carpet:

Polyester carpet material has better resistance to stains when compared to nylon. The non-allergenic fabric inhibits the growth of mildew and mould and can be used in family homes and rooms.

Acrylic Carpet:

Artificially made fabric Acrylic can resist static electricity, moisture, staining, fading, damage due to sun rays.

In general, artificial fabrics can last longer and are easier to clean and maintain as well. However, if you value aesthetics and warmth more, you may prefer carpet fibres like wool made of natural fibres.

Carpet Choice for your home

Use these tips when you’re next choosing carpet for your home

Next time you’re needing to make a carpet choice for your home, consider the carpet aspects pointed out in this article. When it comes to the look, feel, maintenance and durability of your carpet, you want to get it right the first time.

Don’t forget your yearly professional carpet cleaning to rejuvenate your carpet and keep it in good condition for many years to come.

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