Do you sometimes see a stain on your carpet and wonder where that came from? Forgotten spills on carpets can be difficult to remove.

Some stains do not show up immediately. They are usually from spilled liquid containing colourless sugar.

In time and after long exposure to the air, the spilled liquid has changed to an insoluble brown stain.

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Other kinds of stains can be caused by water soaking through and absorbing sizings, browning or fugitive dyes from the backs of the material.

Because the fibres act as wicks, moisture will rise to the surface to evaporate, and discoloration will be left.

Consumers who try to remove stains by using wrong cleaning compounds and procedures, may only make the stained areas more noticeable.

To lessen the possibility of stain damage, immediate action should be taken:


  • Thoroughly absorb all moisture and, when possible, put a ½ inch thickness of clean white absorbent material over the area, weighing it down
  • Call your professional cleaner to learn how to remove the spot safely before it becomes a permanent stain.