Sometimes, life gets on top of us, and even the best intentions get swept away by the tidal wave of work, school, cooking, activities and everything else in between.

Cleaning and tidying are often the first things to fall by the wayside.

In this article, you’ll find 5 simple tips to help you get a handle on the chaos.

Making them part of your daily routine can make a huge difference to the appearance of your house, and help to reduce mental clutter too.


How to keep a clean and tidy home. Steam Cleaning Services for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth Australia

Tip 1:     Make your bed

This may seem like such a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Quickly tugging the fitted sheet snug, pulling up and smoothing the quilt, and re-setting the pillows will immediately lift the look of your bedroom.

Not only that, your bed will look much more inviting at the end of a busy day than rumpled, messy sheets.

Tip 2:     De-clutter efficiently

Even with the best intentions, things don’t always end up back where they belong after use. Shoes, handbags, clothes and other bits and pieces often end up spread throughout the house, making the place look untidy.

Rather than picking up one or two items and returning them to their rightful location which is time consuming and inefficient; grab a laundry basket (bear with me!).

Starting in the living room, grab everything that doesn’t belong there, and put in the laundry basket. Move to the bedroom, and repeat. While there, if you have anything in the basket belonging in the bedroom, put it back where it belongs.

Repeat this process from room to room until your basket is empty. Allocating 10 minutes a day to de-cluttering will make a big difference to the tidiness of your home, and will help you to get into the habit of returning things to their rightful place. 

3:     Run the dishwasher each night

Dishwashers are so water efficient these days, you actually use less water running the dishwasher every day than you would washing things by hand.

At the end of the night, put everything into the dishwasher, and even if it’s not full, run it anyway. A quick cycle will not use much water, but the mental benefit of a clean and tidy kitchen is huge.

Having your dishwasher run inefficiently can affect how well your dishes are cleaned. If your double handling by both washing dishes and dishwasher, then you need to get that fixed. Go ahead and call the team at Quality Appliance Repairs (our appliance repair partners).

Having a properly running dishwasher will help keep your kitchen tidy.

4:     Wipe down the kitchen benchtop

It’s easy to get stuck on the couch after dinner and think “I’ll tidy up later”. Before you know it, it’s late and it’s time for bed, but the kitchen is still a mess.

First things first: see step 3. After that, put away condiments, bin any rubbish or scraps, and wipe down the benches and stovetop.

10 minutes after dinner, and you’ve got a clean kitchen, and can relax without feeling guilty.

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5:     De-clutter the bathroom

Usually, we’ve got a few products we use every morning as we get ready for work.

Putting these items in a small basket or bag makes it quick and easy to find in the cabinet every morning, saving time, and preventing a collection of products we don’t use regularly accumulating on the bathroom counter.

Keep the items on your bathroom countertop limited to soap, and a canister holding your toothbrush and toothpaste, and possibly your hairbrush. Everything else should go in the cabinet, leaving the countertops clear and tidy.

It’s That Easy!

As much as we’d all love a cleaner to tidy up the debris we leave behind every day, barring a lotto win, it’s unlikely to happen.

The tips above will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home if you implement them in your daily routine.

Getting a professional steam clean will also enhance the look and feel of your home which will encourage you to upkeep daily.

A clean kitchen and tidy bathroom are the hot spots for visitors too, so you no longer need to dread the “drop-in” guest.