Cellulosic browning of carpet often becomes an eyesore and spoils the interior and the overall look of a room. The browning usually happens to carpets that are made of natural filament fibers, or in simple words threads that are cellulosic such as cotton, linen and jute.

Carpet made out of such natural material is always healthier, ecologically beneficial, and requires lot of care.


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What Causes Cellulosic Browning?

The main reason behind cellulosic browning is caused by over-wetting of the carpet. The resulting slow drying process can make a natural sugar substance called lignin, which is present in the material, to get dissolved and ultimately rise to the surface of the carpet.

This occurrence can also be seen in news papers if they are left outside for a very long time.

How to Prevent Cellulosic Browning?

In order to prevent cellulosic browning, one must determine the material that has been used for making the carpet by doing a test. Usually carpets have a jute backing or cotton base.

After the material has been determined it is important to remember that the cleaning products used should be of an acid or neutral base. If an alkaline product is used for cleaning then it should immediately be rinsed off with an acidic side cleaner.

One must keep in mind that there are other factors such as humidity, the water used for cleaning and expertise that can affect the carpet.

Call Myer Carpet Cleaning

It is always a good idea to get a professional carpet cleaner to make sure that inconvenience such as cellulosic browning does not occur. An even a better idea is to get the brown carpet stains removed by a professional rather than trying home remedies.